Saturday, July 23, 2011

A few photos for the weekend..

Fences are often made of cement with jagged shards of glass poking out. lovely.

The next few photos are of a snake fruit tree (salak)

Squished frog. I love these, they are thin as paper.

During the Friday call to prayer for men..

A bunch of friends at the Pesantren Edi Mancoro.
Kinda like an Islamic boarding house.
I don't have time for anything else!!
except this!!


  1. Are there still Buddhists in Indonesia?

  2. Yes, there are still Buddhists in Indonesia... like Richard Gere who recently visited.. *cough*

    Actually, there are Buddhists, but not a lot. You won't come across them very often, which makes me sad honestly. I'm not sure what the percent of Buddhists is but it is pretty small I'm sure.. less than 5% of the population