Monday, August 1, 2011

Melon Milk

Last week I had a double infection. It was quite the experience.
I had to keep putting on a jacket because I was freezing cold, then take off the jacket a few minutes later because I was so hot. Then I would sweat from fever and start freezing again. That lasted a few days.
I still have a bad headache.

After that, I started craving milk really bad. So I've been drinking tons of flavored milk. They have tons of flavors including melon, and grape. Its the melon flavored milk that I'm addicted to. I hope there is some sort of powder I can take home.

Speaking of addictions, I want some Blue Mountain Dew SO BAD.
They don't have caffeinated sodas here. Its a tragedy.

This is my last week of class. I can't wait to get home honestly. I've had my fun.
Now all I want to do is get back to Cross Country, and people who actually care.
All I can say is I'm censored.

I really want to avoid fried food, but its so impossible.
The family I live with fries pretty much everything, and I don't want to make them go out of their way to cater for me. They already do. It's so hard to reject things here. Its so impolite and sometimes it gets on my nerves because its like this: (this is not exaggerated)

ME: Wow, I just ate so much. I'm stuffed.
Person 1: Add some more
Person 2: Yeah, here is the dish, take it.
Me: Ya, sorry, I'm full.
Person 1: NO.. don't be reluctant, just take some.
Me: seriously, I'm full, I just ate this list of things and then repeated the list when you asked the first time.
Person 2: No, go ahead, we SERIOUSLY made this whole plate of food just for you.
Person 1: Yeah, if you don't eat it, your wasting our money. Noone else is eating that.
Me: Really, I already took half of that, and I don't want more.
Person 1: We're going to sit here and stare at you till you take some.
Me: Can I leave please?
Person 2: Here, I'm holding this dish so you can take some more.
Person 1: Stop being over-polite, you are family here.
Me: OK fine, I'll take a ridiculously tiny portion just to make you happy.
Person 2: didnt eat enough vegetables. thats also why I'm spooning them on your plate.
Person 1: Here is this towering plate of fruit, because Americans eat so much.
Person: Oh, and you are the only one at the table who eats fruit. We'll just watch you.
Me: Wait.. why aren't you eating?
Person 1: Oh, I'm not hungry.
Person 2: Thats all for you
Me: I'm stuffed. This is uncomfortable.
Person 1: Oh, you must be exercising too much.
Me: I'd like to eat less. I cant do this 3 times a day.
Person 2: You're so ungrateful and shy.
Me: I'm sorry, I'm just not that hungry tonight.. I had a huge lunch.
Person 1: What's wrong with you? You must be sick.
Me: Uh, yeah, I AM sick.
Person 2: Eat this fried food. Don't eat simple things like oatmeal. It destroys your stomach.



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