Monday, July 4, 2011

End of week 3..

I don't like to write a lot.. (that's a lie)
but here's a bunch of pictures then videos with captions:
Now its week 4 of 9. Time is going by too fast.
Stuff in the city:
This is called the Mosaic house.
I was told that the guy that lives here is insane and changes his yard every year..

Sometimes, like in Jakarta, there are houses made completely of this thin roof stuff.
If they aren't amazing poor they usually have a cement floor.
Carpets aren't realistic, but nicer places, like my university have tiled floors.

The roofs here are pretty crappy for the most part.
Its kinda hard to see, but there is a tiled type of roof at the top and then the thin type. I've fallen through a roof with the thin type before. Its about as strong as a tortilla chip. Underneath is some black plastic, not much else.

Here is an abandoned hotel.
Sometime I'll hop the fence when nobody is looking and take some real pictures.
I like exploring, especially places I'm not supposed to go.
This is a graveyard.
I like wandering around and taking pictures.
This is an example of a food cart. There is actually an english term for this. It's called a CADGER. People walk around with these and either yell out what they are selling or have a pattern they knock that people recognize and know what it is. They walk all around neighborhoods all day. When they aren't selling, they just leave them around. Some people never move their cart. It's really convenient sometimes, usually delicious, some people get sick from these, but I never have.
 I love Graffiti:

I met the guy who painted all of this. He was sleeping on the ground on a porch.

The writing at the bottom says "BEWARE RATS WEARING TIES".
and you can see the rest. Awesome.

Another hobby of mine is taking pictures of myself while propping my camera in precarious positions.

This is fungus growing on one of the trees in this new forest. Its bad, contagious, and hard to get rid of.

Wild Watermelon.
Many are yellow inside here.

Grasshopper.. lame.

This is a banana tree.
There are a lot of trails that look like this on all the outskirts of town. The rocks are piled up to be sold later.

This forest is only TWO YEARS OLD and its pretty impressive.

Coconut tree with lots of coconuts.

This is a coffee plant. We went through a forest of them.

Bamboo. I love bamboo.

Coffee Berries.

A blurry spider above my head as we walked through the coffee forest.

This is Pak Sur. Pak is like "Mister".
I couldn't get a picture of this spider so he took it out of its web and held it for me.

This is a spider. I promise. I even saw it making its web.
It has a freaking shield on its back.
This is when it was crawling up my friends arm. Enjoy this close-up of Indonesian skin.

This is a clove tree. Smells really good.

I heart bamboo.

Another banana tree. This one isn't all that healthy.

Coffee beans being dried by the sun.

A good snapshot of Indonesians.
This guy has a crazy sick pimped out "becak". It has like 20 mirrors.
This lady is hauling some propane.
That lad is skipping like a champ.
Most people use motorcycles and pile on as many people as possible. Helmets not included.

This is one of the cool plants here.
This tree is hollowed out but still alive somehow..
i hate them so much.
This is a Durian Tree. It has to grow for 10 years before it bears Durian fruit.
It is a very expensive tree.

A durian tree. So tall.
Bad video, just showing you a bunch of my group.
The guy making a funny face is Paul. 
A glass of ginger tea and a bunch of snacks which I can't identify.

Demonstrating what a cicak is ('chee-chawk'). 
They release their tails to escape.
All over the walls and I love catching them.
Not really an update. Just saying hi.


  1. Thanks for all these great pictures and videos of Indonesia. It really does make us a little homesick for the sights and sounds of that great country. You need a picture of a family of 5 on a motorcycle.

  2. Good idea.. haha. I'll look for that.. unfortunately its harder to find that in a small town like Salatiga than it would be in Jakarta..