Monday, July 18, 2011

Arthur the Vampire

This picture is dedicated to anonymous who wishes to remain anonymous who may or may not be departing from an unsaid program for unsaid reasons.

People are starting to suspect me as a vampire
due to the fact that I'm always gone "running" night and morning.
This means I don't socialize with the others as a normal human should.
Hence I'm called the vampire here.

This anonymous person will mysteriously disappear as of today.

Here's a video of me being excited to get on a roof. I'm obsessed with exploring.
Now for a few more things about my current life:
Here is a nest of spiders near my house. Unfortunately you can't really tell how big they are.
This is Snoopy. This dog's fur is really soft.
Here is what the public transportation looks like from inside:
Here is the Indonesian version of a Burger. (they roll both r's in burger). Its like sweet hot sauce with balogna and a kraft cheese slice. There is one slice of cucumber and tomato. It might not sound good, but it is. It doesn't taste anything like a hamburger though.
This is one of the industries in my small town. They make sandal straps from the reeds I show in this video. I bought 3 pairs of female sandals.. not for myself.
This motorcycle is made completely from those reeds I showed in the previous video. 
The craftsmanship is amazing.
Here is the inside of the hotel where me Sara, and Stephanie stayed in Jogja. It was infested with mosquitoes. I probably got more mosquito bites that night than all the other days here combined.
Me learning to get water from a well.
I stayed with Garry again. Here is their bathroom and shower. Its so cool. 
All the families living in this alley share it.
So I was travelling all this week to a few other cities. The program is more than half way done. :(
I spent my time interviewing people, mostly at universities. 
Besides students and those working in higher class jobs, I really couldn't get people to talk to me. 
I'm not in the mood to post a lot of words or more pictures today. HA!

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