Monday, June 27, 2011

Don't Just Want the Delicious Alone.

Week 2.5 in Indonesia..
I took the theme from the church I attended on Sunday as the title. It fits though.
As I was running the other day... maybe it was this morning.. who knows.. time is flying... I was thinking how awesome this trip is. I remember when I was little dreaming of living in a foreign country and being able to speak a foreign language. I wanted to travel so bad. Now I'm here in Indonesia still training for Cross Country. Being able to do both is amazing. Running here is awesome. People are starting to be less gapey as I run on the same paths and greet them. Sometimes I use Javanese and they laugh really hard because they are surprised and other times I use English.. and they still laugh. Some people don't respond, some just glare, some glare till I say something. I feel a little safer knowing the city is more Christian than I expected:
I was trying to explain this picture below in that video. Here is the picture that is widely used in Indonesian churches (without permission of course) I guess its just a good picture? It was on the collection envelope/tithing thing:

I was worried about this program, but it really is improving my Indonesian. I lost a lot of it, but retained a lot more than expected. Every day more phrases and words pop back into my head while I'm learning tons of new words. My speech is awesome sometimes, but other times... I sound like a beginner. One thing that came back is I'm losing my English. I have trouble speaking English enough.. now I am having trouble remember words in either language. I can feel the concept of the word but I can't think of either.

The popular term right now is "lebay".. it means.. like over the top, too much... here's a music video that kinda shows it, but its like soap operas that are too serious so much that its hilarious. Thats lebay (le-bai):

This song is really popular right now. All the little kids sing it, its really funny:
Here are a few shows I have watched in the last few days that were really funny too..
That was the first result.. I dont know where to find more. Its called Doong Doong I think:
This show is just like it called ooglies. Also funny.. I haven't watched this one but I assume its all the same:
Short clip of the Market. (I dont like looking like a tourist)

Here is a giant wood spider... I saw one of these but it had green legs.. I had a video but I think it got lost.

This is Jenni. She lives at my house and always wants to play with my laptop when I'm trying to work.
She knocks on my door all the time.

That is a trash can behind all that trash. Only 3 in 100 people throw their trash away in the right place here.
 This is a big moth that landed on me. MOTHY!!
 The end. I need to take a nap cuz I didn't sleep amazing last night. I wake up at 5:30 every morning to run.
I'm finally catching up on work and getting settled in for real..

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  1. Laura and I just watched these. MORE BLOGS!!!! ;) This was awesome. That spider freaks me out so much I have to scroll fast past it. Your bed spread is hilarious. I want those strawberry sheets :) I love youuuuuuu