Friday, June 24, 2011

A couple videos...

Here are a few videos to catch up a bit... These are totally random and all over the place. I was just happy that I can make the videos small enough to make them watchable. They actually have captions on youtube, but I'll just write a brief caption again.
At the Airport in Taiwan being excited...
Welcome to Asian Bathrooms... a nice one...
By the way, the floor is wet because of the spray hose..
Meet Wimbo and Sara during the snack break. We get a snack break halfway through class where they give us a small plate of snacks.. I'll show you an example next week maybe.. Everyone gets their coffee and tea.
This is a horrible video of the place I live. I was just trying to show you the volcano because it was totally clear that day but I forgot you can't see it from my house. I had just seen it during my run. This house is nice.
Riding on a motorcycle.. I ride on the back every morning or whenever I need a ride.
At the end of our race we got here and ate some delicious food... We drank orange-coconut juice. mmm..
Middle of the night being woken up by the call to prayer..
A video of the Ivory in the Mangkunegaran palace in Surakarta which took 30 years to carve.
A bird in the palace... that I... liked? Random video.. you can't see it well.
This is the place I slept in solo where I woke up and had a swollen face.


  1. TIIIIIMMM!!!! I am so jealous and wish that i could visit sometime. Is there anything that Catie and I could send you that you are missing from home?

  2. jax and I just watched all of these. Awesome! looks so fun!

  3. :) Michael, if you want to send something, maybe you can put it in the package my mom will send. The family I live with loves M&M's, but I'm not sure when my mom gets back from tour... and I still haven't told my mom I want her to send a package..