Monday, June 13, 2011

The Plane ride to Indonesia

I got to the airport less than an hour before it was SUPPOSED to leave, just to find out my flight was delayed 45 minutes. My second flight was moved up to leave 20 minutes earlier, leaving me about one hour to find the way to the international terminal and get through LAX customs. So I spent the time in the airport searching on my phone and talking to my sister Linda to figure it out. So I'm bringing peach seeds, and some actual fruit in my carry on.. Not sure if thats ok..

Anyways, I got stopped at security and a lady was looking through my bag and suddenly stopped and said 'wow' -- right as she picked up the bag of peach seeds. My heart pretty much stopped at that point, until the lady remarked how much candy i had in my bag.. Unfortunately she found a bottle of hot sauce I accidentally put in my carry-on at the last second to save space, so that got trashed. I was bringing it for the family I am staying with, and all the candy is for them too.

I should have taken a larger suitcase.. but at the same time I don't want anything more than I have. So the flight to LAX (happening as I'm writing this) isn't too bad. I have pretty much the best seat in the plane with 6 feet of leg room, and there's an empty seat between me and this guy who works for the Department of Defense. I had some pretty interesting conversations with him and the flight attendant. He was from LA so between the two of them I got an OK explanation of where to go. Honestly though I had no idea what they were talking about. I have SO much time to kill and the worst part is I forgot my sketch book.. I was gonna draw every day to improve my sketching.. oh well unless I can find a new pad.

So at the moment my plane has landed and the pilot just informed us that we have no terminal to pull into. (we ended up waiting for nearly a half hour) meanwhile my flight was ALREADY boarding. I sprinted through the airport and barely made it there in time... and was drenched in sweat. So I enjoyed my 13 hour flight like that. I probably smell horrible. I'm in Taipei now, transcribing this all from my cell phone (which is now useless besides being a great notepad). I fought through security like a champion though. They let me go near the front of the line and I got through so fast. On the long plane ride I watched like 4 movies, stayed up all night, I chose to eat the fish and rice meals they offered. It was one of the fishiest tasting fishes ever. I enjoyed it even though I didn't like it too much if that makes sense.

Here are a few related pictures, I'll put some videos up soon as possible. Notice the toilet brand is HCG so I'm on the HCG diet I guess..

I'm about to board the plane for Jakarta, still 2 flights left, then a motorcycle maybe and a bus.

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