Thursday, August 11, 2011

Done with COTI.

Today I did my final presentation. I think I spent more time than everyone else and it still turned out not so awesome. For me it all comes at once or not at all.  I spent so many hours writing my paper.

So this last week was amazing. I had WAY too much fun. I spent the whole week on my rental motorcycle going to Surakarta and Semarang. The traffic is crazy. You have to weave in and out of cars and constantly play chicken to get anywhere. Its really fun, in a non-death-wishy sort of way. Although I decided on one of those trips that if I were to die in some tragic accident I would prefer dying in a motorcycle accident. Ha.

Sometimes I prefer to drink from a bowl.

We went and watched this thing called Reog. I'm sure its on Youtube if you get curious, but its like this:
-bunch of Javanese guys dancing
-big mask made of real tiger fur face with a huge peacock feather mane that weighs more than 40 kgs
-mask is held up by possessed guy using only teeth
-guy that gets possessed by eating a live chicken to channel the tiger's spirit
-guy is able to go crazy with the mask and lift more than 100 lbs with only teeth (often people ride on the mask)
-the participants all told me I looked like the drummer from Greenday

I'm not sure if that last one happens every time but who knows..

I was talking to my sister Linda about how its impossible to write when you are really stressed. I've been really stressed due to the hours of trying to write my final paper and present it. Being stressed makes writing better though. I was finally able to get stuff done when I would put all Linda's music on shuffle replay.

I gotta be careful what I write on here... at least until I get back. Crazy place.

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