Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A normal Wednesday

So one of these days I'm gonna start understanding this whole blog thing...

I'm just getting ready for practice and procrastinating the study for my last final tomorrow morning. I am so excited to be done with this semester. It was much better than last semester though.

Today I found out that UVU might help pay for my trip to Indonesia. Though most things are covered, I noticed after listing everything off that I will be short several hundred dollars (about $600) and that would be to get me to Indonesia with absolutely no spending cash, ever.

I'm hoping that goes through. Since I don't have a car I gotta get going because my ride is about to leave. And now one of my roomates, Chase, is watching me type so I'm gonna stop this before he asks what I'm doing.

I was gonna post on Facebook, but maybe I'll just use this while I'm in Indonesia. I'm sure there's a way to upload photos (I just almost spelled it like fotos = Indonesian)... ok and my real roomate just accused me of blogging, so this is over.

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