Sunday, April 24, 2011

Finals Week eve

Today I'm at my parents house for Easter dinner. It was amazing. I still have 2 finals to study for, yet to be honest I still haven't checked what day they are on. I was in the process of checking my exam schedule when I ran into Nate Houle's blog.. haha. and I remembered I made this. I have been having an intense feeling like I need to be writing lately. Who knows why, but it always makes me feel a lot more focused.

Yesterday I finally broke my PR in the mile and ran 4:10. The reason that is interesting is that I ran 4:10 the weekend after my last post. I can't believe that was off no running... haha. I guess that means I really need to refocus my swimming. I haven't swam in 2 weeks. The biggest reason for not swimming lately is I had was having huge stress issues which led to sleep issues and then my car suddenly bit the dust. Needless to say that in combination with finals and "other" things, it caused a really horrible end to the semester. I lost my appetite from the stress and it made my races in California really uncomfortable. I'm back to 3000 calories at least to quench my hunger... or however you say that. satisfy? meh.

I'm trying to buy my plane ticket to Indonesia in the next few days. I bet this blog will start growing a lot more once I get there. I'm really excited and scared. I hate being alone so hopefully I will find some hospitable people while I'm there. I will definitely say more about that when the time comes. As for now, I'm moving out of my apartment.. maybe. I brought a bunch of stuff from my apartment today. I need to sort through all my clothes because I have like 10 years of packratting clothes to pay for. I realized that something I loved about last time I was in Indonesia is that I had very little possessions to worry about. You can't make a mess when you have nothing to mess up.

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